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Marvelous Mosaics!!

I wanted to show off students mosaic pieces, recent, and a couple not so. The reason being is that mosaic can be so different, some in small pieces and fairly random and others quite structured. Some using all small pieces and others using leadlight techniques to obtain the larger shapes and include some fused elements. One thing is for sure from the look of the smiles on everyone's faces, they all enjoyed the experience immensely!

Check out Tricia (queen of little pieces) and her Moroccan table, Lynne and her Waratah table, My artpiece 'Under the Tuscan Sun', the next two are of Martin feeling very proud of his fish birdbath and the start of the subsequent base, Shelley's first project was a gorgeous house number, Jenny's stepping stone made for her granddaughter, Helen's one of a kind mosaic clock and Tuseet's gift for a friend's little girls bedroom.

If you'd like to try your hand at mosaic, no experience necessary and a truckload of designs in the studio library to tempt you please give me a call. I'd love to help you make your first mosaic art piece :) Call Donna on 0413 619995 for vacancies and a chat about your project.

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