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A little about our mainstream classes

Donna Cains Cains Cottage Leadlight & Mosaic Workshop 0413619995

I've posted before how I teach mini 3 1/2 hour glass classes and they are a great 'tester' to check out the studio and see what projects can be made. But I've taken some photos of one of our mainstream classes and the projects they are making. I run the classes all year except Christmas/New Year. The day classes are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mornings 9.30-12 each week and Tuesday nights 6pm-8.30 each week. I run Saturdays generally every second week from 9.30-4.30 the charge for the day/evening classes are $25 per class plus materials. The Saturday all day class is prorata at $70 for the whole day plus materials. The reason it's plus materials is because you could make a mosaic that takes six months or make a few plates as wedding gifts in one Saturday or work on a lamp or window for a year. The ongoing material cost is much lower as its spread over a longer making time. The types of projects are very diverse. We have Shelley making a mosaic house number for her home, Margaret has been making her croquet man which will decorate her little croquet field in her back yard, still coming. Soozie whizzes out her fused pieces, this one will be one of a collection of sun catchers in the Chakra colours. Les is making a Copperfoiled sun catcher to donate for a cancer raffle, Gail is making a lamp for her home, one of many she tells me and the gorgeous finished lamp is Lorraine's new one. She's been coming for many years and loves the social aspect. If you'd like to come be creative, enjoy yummy coffee and lots of great company give me a call and I can let you know available spaces. It's loads of fun in a non judgemental studio environment 😊😊😊 0413619995

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