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Contact Donna Cains

PLEASE NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS!!  .............WE'VE MOVED!!!!!  ...................

Cains Cottage studio is located at The Hartley Williams premises, 32 Kremzow Road in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Hartley Williams has been my glass wholesaler since the early 1980s  :o

The studio is on a mezzanine level within their warehouse, overlooking all the racks of gorgeous art glass.  For eye candy there is no better place to be.

The studio is open by appointment only - please call Donna to arrange a time to visit.


TELEPHONE: MY PREFERRED CONTACT METHOD - it's easier to chat for 5 minutes, I can answer all your questions and find out how I can best

help you with your glass projects.

Call Donna 0413 619 995


(Phone/text is preferable for a quicker reply)



Instagram: cains.cottage

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