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About Donna Cains

Donna's career as a glass artist spans more than three decades.  Firstly making windows for her home in 1987 which then grew into a business.  In 1998 she started up her teaching studio and she has now taught hundreds of students, helping them to make some truly beautiful pieces.


Her initial interest was leadlight windows and lampshades, which now grace the homes and businesses of many clients.


While teaching this craft to students in her studio at The Gap in Brisbane, Donna saw the potential and versatility of using glass in mosaics.


Donna has written and published a book titled "Mosaic Creations", designed to simplify the procedures for the novice mosaicist.


Donna's passion for the artistry of glass led her to study at a mosaic school in the mosaic capital of the world - Ravenna, Italy. These classes gave her a connection to the history of mosaic. She learned ancient processes and techniques from highly skilled masters.

With this knowledge she now applies these principles to contemporary designs using modern materials.


In 2003 Donna added the first of two kilns to the studio which allowed a whole new facet to her glass art and to the classes.  Students are able to fuse glass which can then be incorporated into mosaics, lamps and panels.  Gifts of platters, bowls, plates and art pieces are able to be created by students for family and friends.


She credits her longevity in the glass industry to being able to "reinvent herself and her classes".  Constantly looking at new glass, materials, methods and the ability to use glass in new and exciting ways.

The classes are friendly in a non-judgemental learning environment.  A new student is immediately embraced by existing ones and you'll feel like you have 8 friends you never had before :)


Donna regularly participates in glass shows including "Women of Fire" and "Cherish the Children"


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