Student's Gallery

P1030041 (480x640) (2014_01_04 04_55_46 UTC)
P1030046 (480x640) (2014_01_04 04_55_46 UTC)
P1030510 (640x479)
P1030511 (640x479)
P1030523 (471x640)
P1030528 (479x640)
P1030529 (479x640)
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P1030538 (640x480)
P1030609 (640x471)
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P1030185 (640x480)
079 (2014_01_04 04_55_46 UTC) (640x480)
021 (2014_01_04 04_55_46 UTC) (200x150)
079 (2014_01_04 04_55_46 UTC) (480x640)
IMG_1025 (200x150)
120 (2014_01_04 04_55_46 UTC) (640x480) (200x150)
P1020833 (2014_01_04 04_55_46 UTC) (480x640)
P1030128 (640x480)
P1030225 (640x480)
P1030666 (200x150)
P1030137 (480x640)_edited
P1030125 (640x480)

These are just a few of the beautiful pieces students have created.  I've just chosen a selection to showcase the different glass mediums we have to choose from.  The common denominator in all of these photos is the huge smile :)  :)  :)


P1030523 (471x640)